Victory for Plant-Based Products: Vienna Court Dismisses Lawsuit against Startup's Plant-based Fish Labeling

Plant-based alternatives to animal products are repeatedly subject to labelling bans in the EU, but there are still no standardized regulations for fish alternatives. However, the Vienna City Council has taken legal action against the Viennese food tech start-up "Revo Fo...
3D Food Printing on an Industrial Scale enables a new food segment

Vienna, Austria – Austrian Food-Tech startup Revo Foods presents the "Food Fabricator X2", the world's first industrial production-method for 3D-printed foods, setting a milestone in food manufacturing innovation. The 3D process enables new product categories for the fir...
3D printed Vegan Salmon Filet Expands Its Reach Across Europe.

What does that mean for the future of 3D Food Printing?
3D Printed vegan Salmon Filet enters supermarket - and it's Fungi-Based!

This September, Revo Foods introduces "THE FILET" - which marks a milestone. It is the first 3D printed food in a supermarket: A vegan salmon filet - based on fungi protein! Launching at a REWE Supermarket, THE FILET promises to reshape the culinary world and shows that ...
Vegan Salmon Filet becomes first 3D printed product available in supermarkets.

What does that mean for the future of 3D Food Printing?